Pallet Storage

Palletised goods are helping businesses to cut on overall storage costs and improve supply chain practices. Stockarea is making it easy to book short term and long term pallet storage space in warehouses across India. Explore our warehousing network or talk to one of our experts.

A warehouse pallet is a transport structure that acts as a stable surface for storing and supporting goods. Pallets are lifted with the help of Forklift, pallet jack, front loader and other similar jacking devices. In the majority of cases, a pallet is a wooden structure (also called wooden pallet), but as per requirements metal, recycled materials and plastic pallets are also available.

A pallet makes the process of storing and handling palletised or bulky goods faster and more efficient. Various benefits tag along with palletization. Palletization significantly reduces the need for physical labour and manual handling of goods.

A pallet comes in different dimensions and load capacity and can easily support and handle goods up to 1.2 tonnes of weight. One can choose a pallet size based on their requirements. Since manual handling gets minimised, it reduces the risk of product damage, and one can entirely rely on the storage and handling processes.

The primary advantage of pallet storage is the maximum utilisation of space as palletisation increases the vertical space that lets a business utilise the maximum space in the warehouse.

Modern warehousing is all about palletisation. It is actively incorporated due to the efficiency it brings in the overall supply chain. Palletization has become an integral part of the supply chain and is helping many businesses meet their customer's expectations better. At Stockarea, we provide companies with an easily accessible warehousing network where they can find storage space and services to leverage the efficiency of pallet storage.

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