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Stockarea offers enhanced cold storage services in Ahmedabad to meet all of your requirements. From ideal temperature to controlled moisture, Sockarea creates the optimal environment for your inventory to drive your business forward

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Businesses We Serve

  • Pharmaceuticals

    Pharmaceutical industries, hospitals and clinics widely require cold storage to preserve medicines, certain medical equipment, and test samples.
  • Agriculture

    Cold storage facilities are essentially required at the post-harvest storage and distribution stage of perishable commodities and food items like fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, poultry, milk and milk-based products.
  • Food Industry

    Cold storage is required throughout the production, processing, transporting, and storing processes of food items to keep them at optimal temperatures and prevent the growth of contaminants and health hazards.
  • Chemicals

    Chemical industries require constant and precise temperature control to store their chemicals and solutions to preserve them efficiently.
Cold Storage Service

Benefits Stockarea offers as your Cold Storage Partner

Benefits of Cold Storage
Benefits of Cold Storage

Prolonged Product Life

Cold storage facilities provide ideal temperatures as well as moisture conditions to store certain products, thus, prolonging their life

Cost Benefits

Outsourcing cold storage services removes the high capital costs associated with creating your own cold storage facility, reduces wastage, and maximizes profit margins

Customisable Temperature Setting

Custom cold storage units provide a wide range of temperature settings to meet all your particular needs

Provision Of Backup

Avoid unforeseen circumstances and delays in the supply chain with the available guidance and logistical experience.

Cold Storage Solutions We Offer

Bulk Cold Storage

Bulk Cold Storage

Bulk storage units take care of your seasonal storage needs. They provide a highly efficient and environment friendly cooling system, keeping your inventory safe in the demand season

Multi-purpose Cold Storage

Multi-purpose Cold Storage

Designed to store various types of commodities throughout the year, multi-purpose cold storage units fulfil all your complex cold storage requirements

Walk-in Cold Room

Walk-in Cold Rooms

Walk-in cold rooms are small refrigerated enclosures designed for precise monitoring of temperature conditions applicable in the various industries

Blast Freezer

Blast Freezers

Blast freezers and chillers attain lower-temperature surroundings in significantly less time, allowing you to efficiently ship products in cold conditions to customers

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Along with a temperature-controlled environment, these storage units have various additional features for storing pharmaceutical products

Frozen Food Storage

Frozen Food Storage

Equipped with processing and freezing facilities, these storage units are perfect for food items such as meat, dairy products, processed food and vegetables

Why choose Stockarea as your Cold Storage Partner?

Stockarea provides optimised cold storage services and ensures the perfect storage conditions for your inventory. With our diverse and widespread network of cold storage warehouses, we offer you the most cost-effective solutions

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