Logistics park

A logistics park is a broad area designed to offer complete logistics services from storage, distribution, re-configuration and more. At Stockarea, we help businesses discover these logistics parks and secure their space. Contact us to book your space.

Ever since early times, the logistics sector has served the critical purpose of connecting production centres with consumption markets. Efficiency in the logistics cycle is what businesses compete on, these days.

The art and science of logistics can be regarded as the planning, implementing and controlling the efficient flow and storage of goods and services from production point to consumption centres. Logistics Parks are built to fulfil this purpose.

It is an area concentrated on logistics operations which include warehousing space and services, transportation and efficient distribution services. Logistics parks are set up by organisations over a large scale which in turn consists of warehouses by several different warehouse operators providing a variety of services to thousands of customers.

Locations to set up Logistics parks are decided strategically with best rail and road connectivity. A logistics park also offers ample space for truck and office parking with standard security measures.

Logistics park helps businesses looking for storage space by providing leasable space in their premises as well as the option to choose services from different warehouse service providers, providing services within the same park.

Considering a warehouse option in a logistics park is a must for a business who does not want to deal with the overheads in setting up their storage facility.

A logistics park provides suitable warehousing solution with modernised and efficient transportation connectivity - all of which focuses on the efficiency in your supply chain and cost savings. At Stockarea, we offer a network for you to book storage space in your desired logistics park.

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