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Stockarea offers best-in-class 3PL services in Kolkata to fulfil all your logistics needs,helping you reach your next milestone

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Why partner with a 3PL provider in Kolkata?

  • Kolkata is a city rich in culture and industrial activities. It caters to the warehousing requirements of the entire eastern belt and is a key location for the growth of logistics projects, giving birth to cost-effective and optimised logistics solutions.
  • Kolkata is part of the Golden Quadrilateral roadways system, giving it unhindered access to the other vital industrial centres in India. This boosts trade prospects in the city, making it appealing for setting up inventory bases.
  • The presence of the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor (EDFC), exclusively built for rail transport, offers a cordial environment for logistics and warehousing providers in Kolkata and gives them the advantage of seamless freight movement.
  • Dankuni and its suburbs are one of the major clusters in the city, providing a nurturing environment to e-commerce firms and logistics providers due to the easy availability of skilled labour and inexpensive storage space.
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Benefits of using a 3PL Provider in Kolkata

Get deep insights & optimal warehousing solutions by our warehousing experts - Stockarea
Get deep insights & optimal warehousing solutions by our warehousing experts - Stockarea

Cost Reduction

Get the most suitable warehousing location that fits your business needs perfectly at zero capital expenditure

Scale Up or Down as Needed

Adapt easily by expanding or shrinking your inventory bases as per your convenience. Scale your inventory hubs without hassle in a matter of minutes.


Increase geographic distribution flexibility by allocating resources and space according to business needs, eliminating shortages or wastage.

Mitigate Risk

Avoid unforeseen circumstances and delays in the supply chain with the available guidance and logistical experience.

Our Core 3PL Facilities In Kolkata

3pl warehouse service kolkata

Stockarea W141

3pl warehouse service kolkata

Stockarea W437

3pl warehouse service kolkata

Stockarea W565

3pl warehouse service kolkata

Stockarea W702

3PL Services We Offer

Storage Service service

Storage Service

Whether you require short term or long term storage solutions, we analyse the nature of your needs and allocate optimal storage location, helping you save on storage costs

Cold Storage service

Cold Storage

When your inventory requires temperature and humidity control, we provide you with exceptional cold storage facilities catering to your specific needs

B2B Fulfilment service

B2B Fulfilment

We help you optimise your B2B fulfilment with the help of our diverse network of distribution centres and provide fulfilment solutions tailored to fit your unique needs

E-commerce Fulfilment service

E-commerce Fulfilment

From picking and packing to shipping, we specialise in providing the most competent fulfilment services to boost your e-commerce business

FTL service

FTL Service

We offer you the most suitable FTL services by assessing the optimum route for your delivery, bringing down your shipment time and costs

reverse logstics service

Reverse Logistics

Whether it be order returns, remanufacturing or refurbishing, we provide optimum resources to streamline your reverse logistics operations

Customs Clearance

Customs Clearance

We offer reliable and consistent customs clearance services, and our CHA experts help ensure a smooth transition of your goods through customs and avoid delays

Ocean Freight

Ocean Freight

Whether an importer or exporter, we provide you with the best freight forwarding and ocean freight services for all your overseas shipments at competitive prices

Value added service

Value-Added Services

Whether you require knitting, cross-docking or want your inventory to be palletised, we offer specialised value-added services to take care of your exceptional needs

Why choose Stockarea as your 3PL partner?

Stockarea provides end-to-end logistics services and assists you in managing your inventory bases remotely with the help of the Digital Warehouse. Stockarea provides true on-demand warehousing solutions allowing you to build your inventory bases with zero capital expenditure

You control your logistics operations with the help of Stockarea’s cloud platform and our extended logistics manager working as an extension to your team.

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