What is Digital Warehousing?

Bridging the gap between warehouses and your supply chain

Digital warehouse serves as a solution for your supply chain to book and avail services digitially from 100+ warehouse service providers. Our team works with you to find you the optimal warehousing solution saving your time and giving you the complete flexibility and support in warehousing operations.

Digital Warehousing - The Future of Warehousing - Stockarea

Uncover your potential

Discover new possibilities for your warehousing needs

A nationwide warehousing network

We partner with 100+ service providers and owners to provide you with the options and capacity to scale PAN India. Our partner network is vetted and offers you a variety of standardising services using our cloud based platform.

Nationwide warehousing network of Stockarea

Manage contracts with multiple providers

We introduced digital warehousing as a new standard to contract with a warehouse. Digital contracts allow you to measure, track and optimise services your receive from any provider from our network.

Manage contracts with multiple providers - Digital Warehousing - Stockarea

New insights to take better decisions

Digital warehouse provides you with real-time visibility and works as a single source of truth for your Inventory stored in multiple warehouses. All the partners in our network use our platform and give you complete control over your inventory and orders.

New insights to take better decisions - Digital Warehousing - Stockarea

Find the right match in no time

We work closely with you to get you a suitable partner from our network. We pre-qualify warehouses from our system based on your requirements and arrange for digital proposals for you to accept and start sending in your inventory.

Find the right match in no time - Digital Warehousing - Stockarea

A team standing by for help

Whether you need support in day to day operations, or you need help with new procurements, a dedicated relationship manager is always at your disposal. Plus our platform provides you with insights and reports to optimise your supply chain functions.

A team standing by for help - Digital Warehousing - Stockarea

Defined warehousing service code: DWS Code

Defined warehousing service code: DWS Code - Digital Warehousing - Stockarea

What are DWS codes?

Defined Warehouse Service code is a digital representation of a warehousing service. Every service is assigned to a unique service code, and there are more than 40,000 service code infused in the digital warehouse with more service codes being added regularly.

How it works?

A solution consists of a set of DWS codes with pricing points and a warehouse partner. Multiple such solutions are proposed for every unique requirement. Once the user approves the solution, it gets converted to a warehousing contract, operated and managed by our cloud platform.

Functions of digital warehouse



From a single unit to multiple pallets, our digital ecosystem lets you fulfil B2C/B2B orders from multiple locations anytime, anywhere.

Bonded warehouse


Need to defer on your customs duty until the goods get sold or are ready for use , the digital warehouse has got you covered.

General warehousing

General warehousing

Whether its short term or long term storage, we analyse the nature of your needs and allocate optimal storage location, which helps you save costs.

Cold storage

Cold storage

When your inventory needs temperature and humidity control, our cold storage partners provide you with services precisely the way you want.



We help you find the optimal freight partner for the movement of your inventory. Be its last mile, the first mile or middle mile, we have got you covered.

Value added service

Value added service

Whether you need knitting, cross-docking or want your inventory to be palletised, We will find you the partners specialised in the service you want.

Digital Warehouse is compatible with your business size



Get optimal and scalable warehousing contracts along with the support you need at the best price.

Mid-size businesses

Mid-size businesses

Cost effective warehousing services for your entire inventory that aligns with your business to reach customers on time



Comprehensive warehousing solutions, keeping compiliance, security, privacy and your existing systems in mind.

Digital Warehousing is scalable and fit for any size of organization - Stockarea

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