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Meinigar Technologies Private Limited (Stockarea) offers world-class air freight services in India to fulfil all your domestic and international shipping needs, taking your business to new heights

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Air Freight Services We Provide

  • Air Parcel

    Air Parcel or the transportation of cargo by passenger planes is a popular form of air freight service. It is ideal if you are regularly transporting small packages via air freight.
  • Air Charter

    Charter aircraft are generally used for urgent shipments and cater solely to your needs. They make sure that your freight meets the expected deadline and has no transit stops.
  • Dedicated Cargo Plane

    Dedicated cargo planes provide the highest amount of room for freight handling and are available in a variety of capacities. They are capable of transporting enormous, heavy, and even hazardous cargo.
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Our Presence

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Delhi Airport


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Mumbai Airport


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Chennai Airport

Tamil Nadu

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Kolkata Airport

West Bengal

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Hyderabad Airport


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Benefits Stockarea offers as your Air Freight Partner

air Freight Partner benefits
air Freight Partner benefits

Competitive Prices

At the most competitive pricing, we provide you with the finest quality and specialised air freight services globally

Wide Geographical Coverage

We have a massive network of endpoints that spans the globe, enabling you to conveniently ship to any location in the world

Speedy Service

We ensure streamlined, hassle-free and fast air shipping, offering you a speedy delivery experience even over long distances


We ensure the security of your cargo through periodic inspections and strict supervision, eliminating any possibility of theft or damage

Value Added Services


We ensure the safety of your cargo by palletising loose cargo boxes according to air freight transportation standards

Shipment Inspection

We conduct a professional inspection of your air freight, ensuring it meets your required quality standards


We attach the appropriate labels in accordance with your specific needs, ensuring transparency in freight movement

Industries We Serve


Food Industry

Food products are shipped via air freight all year round due to their short shelf life and high likelihood of deterioration. This ensures their uninterrupted supply worldwide



Air freight is becoming an increasingly important mode of transport for e-commerce enterprises looking to ship their products internationally in a fast and efficient way



Specialised air freight containers are built conforming to strict security standards to safely transport chemicals and hazardous cargo like flammable liquids and explosives



Medicines and laboratory equipment are shipped in temperature-controlled air freight containers to ensure that they reach their destination safely



Automobiles and their components are typically manufactured in certain countries and shipped via air freight to other countries for assembly or final export



Importers and exporters of electronic goods are increasingly choosing air freight to take advantage of cutting-edge technology solutions and faster delivery times

Why choose Stockarea as your Air Freight Partner?

Stockarea offers superior air freight services to make your shipping experience as smooth as possible. We make certain that you receive optimised shipping solutions and a flawless experience, from ensuring speedy transit to providing the best value-added services

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