Take better warehousing decisions with WPR

Get deep insights, optimized distribution models and available partners to cater your warehousing needs before signing a contract.

Warehouse Possibility Report is customized for your warehousing needs, proposes multiple strategies and distribution models to optimise your supply chain goals.

Warehouse Possibility Report - A Supply chain Solution

Get your WPR catering to different use cases

Warehouse Possibility Report allows you to find optimal warehouse solutions. Every WPR is formed after carefully analysing the requirement at hand and proposes warehouses, price points, optimisation strategy and custom made distribution network for your supply chain.

Inventory Overflow

Inventory Overflow

Get warehousing options for storage.

Retail/B2B Fulfillment

Retail/B2B Fulfillment

Form your distribution network.

E-commerce Fulfillment

E-commerce Fulfillment

Store Inventory close to your customers.

Overcome your warehouse strategy challenges

Optimal solutions in a single report

WPR provides you with better warehousing solutions and opportunities to save cost and optimise your supply chain.

Customized for your requirement

A WPR is custom built. We gather all of your requirements and give insights report on real time warehousing possibility.

Actionable insights

WPR not only provides pros and cons, but also helps you take action on them with the support of our network and digital warehouse.

Get deep insights & optimal warehousing solutions through Warehouse Possibility Report - Stockarea
Get deep insights & optimal warehousing solutions through Warehouse Possibility Report - Stockarea

A single report to get multiple insights

Realtime Possibilities

Get an overview of the distribution models which can cater your requirements.

Cluster Insights

Get insights about the location and suitable options operating in the requested cluster.

Warehouse Possibility Report - A Supply Chain Solution by Stockarea

Optimal Partners

Find partners who can fulfill your requirements in the most optimal way possible.

Price Normalisation

Simple to understand and standard pricing for services mentioned in your WPR.

A report built to serve your business

Optimal warehousing solution from our Warehouse Network.

Planning to launch in new markets

Planning to launch in new markets

WPR helps you locate the best warehousing options at a good price.

Looking for fulfillment partners

Looking for fulfillment partners

WPR helps find your ideal 3PL partner by making sure all your requirements, match.

Unexpected or seasonal demand surge

Unexpected or seasonal demand surge

WPR analyse and make sure you get the right capacity at the right time.

Rethinking your distribution model

Rethinking your distribution model

Get your WPR to find the optimum distribution models for your inventory.

Our leading warehouse partners

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Advantis Freight

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Warehouse Possibility Report - An Ecommerce Solution by Stockarea

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Stockarea charge anything for WPR?

No, we do not charge anything for WPR as we believe in strengthening our customers by providing them with knowledge and insights about the optimal warehouse and distribution models possible for their requirements.

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