Top 20 Warehousing Companies In India

Warehousing is an essential part of Supply Chain Management, which is why it’s best to employ the best warehousing companies in India. With a tailored management system, the accomplished and knowledgeable professionals handling the warehousing needs help handle the financial aspects, spot stocking needs, and extend the core business. The following list of warehouse companies has been compiled in the best interests of businesses like yours to assist you in locating such dependable firms. You will find an accurate assessment of the listed companies that will assist you in making a decision. Examine these companies, make sure they meet your needs and attract the right warehousing companies in India for your business.

1. Stockarea

Stockarea provides end-to-end Logistics Solutions for your business. Whether you are a Manufacturer or Distributor, Importer or Exporter, Retailer or Wholesaler, Stockarea has got you covered. With more than 500+ Warehouses and Distribution Centres, they provide logistics services pan-India. Stockarea is trying to solve this fragmented Industry with the aid of Modern Technology. They are on a mission to bring on-demand warehousing culture in India and digitise the Supply Chain from start to end. They are among the top warehousing business in India.

“Our dream is to become a single partner for availing standardised warehousing services at the right price and for the right duration as and when required by businesses and shippers in India. Warehousing can be made flexible, on-demand, and transparent in India. We are working towards fulfilling this dream.”

2. SK Logistics

SK Logistics will handle all of your pharmaceutical warehousing, storage, and repackaging needs in one place. They carry on the SK Group’s history, a major player in the pharmaceutical sector since 1932. SK Logistics has several warehouses in Maharashtra, and plans are in the works to open state-of-the-art warehouses in India’s north, south, west, and east areas.

“While we are proud of our solid values, ethics, and business roots, we are also a flexible and forward-thinking organisation. We take advantage of cutting-edge technology and advanced techniques to provide world-class service to all of our clients.”

3. Supreme Logistics Solutions

Mr Suresh Agrawal established Supreme Logistics Solutions Pvt. Ltd., an Ahmedabad-based 3PL service provider, in 1980. They offer end-to-end, tailor-made solutions to our clients with our expertise in warehousing and transportation services.

“Our logistics solutions are designed to give companies a competitive edge by making them inexpensive and simple to use. In today’s dynamic market, our integrated product offerings ensure that the customer’s supply chain works correctly and that they receive prompt responses.”

4. Gati Limited

Since 1989, Gati has been a pioneer in India’s express distribution systems, pioneering many ground-breaking innovative initiatives that have paved the way for a more structured logistics industry. Gati, which has an annual turnover of INR 1700 crores, now provides customers across various industry verticals with integrated Express Distribution and personalised Supply Chain Solutions. They are among the top warehousing company in India.

Gati’s advantage of seamless connectivity through air, road, and rail has resulted in an unrivalled range of customer services. Gati has a fleet of over 5000 vehicles on the road in India and over 7000 business partners known as Gati Associates.

5. EPT Global Logistics

EPT GLOBAL LOGISTICS (P) LTD was established in 2005 as a private company in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Today, the company has offices in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bangalore, New Delhi and is extending its horizons to international locations such as China, the United Kingdom, and the United States, with a team of 40+ professionals.

“Over the years, we’ve earned the confidence of our partners and clients in a variety of industries, including Oil & Gas, Power & Alternative Energy, Heavy & Light Engineering, Vehicle & Components, and Telecom, to manage their global ventures. EPT is a professionally equipped logistics firm with in-house freight forwarding, customs clearance, warehousing, industrial packaging, and air/vessel chartering capabilities, earning us a reputation for meeting client commitments. We achieve such outcomes by taking a creative and distinctive approach to the client’s goals and priorities, distinguishing them from the competition.”

6. Fly High Logistics

Fly High Logistics is diversifying its operations in the south Indian region to provide world-class logistics services. Stock flow is optimised, and all facets of the supply chain are handled effectively, thanks to their high-value warehouse management solutions. Fly High Logistics Pvt Ltd is one of India’s fastest-growing warehousing companies, with customers of all sizes choosing it because of its outstanding results over the last five years.

“Our goal is to become the number one service provider, and we believe in going above and beyond to provide you with service that exceeds your expectations.”

7. OmTrans Logistics Ltd

Om Trans is an ambitious warehousing company based in India that aims to provide world-class logistics services to its clients. Omtrans has created a comprehensive set of services to meet its clients’ logistics and distribution needs, including air, sea, and land transportation. As a responsible corporate citizen, adding value and making a meaningful contribution to the community and society.

“We have real solutions and follow through with our promises. In a global logistics conductive world, to be the leader in providing superior, excellent services and extending the boundaries of quality in terms of creativity, efficiency, and operation.”

8. B2B Logistics

B2B Logistics is a well-known logistics and freight forwarding firm in India. The company, which was established in 2014, draws on the founders’ 20+ years of experience and professional know-how to provide cutting-edge logistics solutions to clients across a variety of industries. Since its inception, the company has rapidly expanded its scope of operations and offerings, establishing a strong presence in India’s logistics space. 

B2B Logistics is a team of 25 professionals based in Bhiwandi (near Mumbai) who are dedicated to excellence. The team ensures that their clients’ needs come first by focusing on protection, reliability, and performance. Their aim is to become the biggest Logistics and Warehousing Company in India.

“Our goal is to provide you, as a customer, with the most dependable solutions for all of your logistics requirements. We make sure your products arrive safely and that your consignees have a pleasant experience. The long-standing relationship we have with our customers, who choose us as their first preference for logistics and supply chain solutions, is proof of this.”

9. JUSDA Supply Chain Management

JUSDA is Foxconn Technology Group’s only certified supply chain management network service provider. With nearly 20 years of experience in lean supply chain management, they concentrate on end-to-end supply chain integration in the manufacturing industry’s entire process, upstream from raw material to finished product and downward from the finished product to the terminal customer. The strong alignment of the supply chain with the consumers encourages the supply chain to become the enterprise’s true competitive advantage.

10. TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited

TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (Formerly known as TVS Logistics Services Limited) is a subsidiary of the TVS Group, one of the country’s most prestigious business conglomerates with a revenue of over US $8.5 billion. With a 100-year history, TVS Supply Chain Solutions Limited (TVS SCS) began as a business unit of TV Sundaram Iyengar & Sons Ltd and was later spun off as TVS Logistics Services Limited (TVS LSL) in December 2004. It is a multinational supplier of world-class, end-to-end supply chain services across a wide range of industries and a specialist in transforming logistics supply chains through increased productivity, improved visibility, and lower operating costs.

TVS SCS has grown into a major global corporation with a revenue of $1 billion and a workforce of over 18,500 people. With offices in 19 countries, it provides integrated supply chain solutions to more than 100 blue-chip customers in 50 countries.

11. Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo Logistics Ltd. is an Indian warehousing company based in Maharashtra. Global Multimodal Transport Operations (LCL, FCL, and air services), pan-India CFS & ICD operations, Project Forwarding & Crane Rental, E-commerce logistics, Ship Owning, and Contract Logistics are among the company’s services. It operates in 164 countries across 301 offices and has a broad global network and strategic international engagements. Allcargo Logistics is one of India’s most well-known publicly-traded logistics firms. It is now one of the world’s largest LCL service providers, thanks to the acquisition of ECU Worldwide. Allcargo Logistics is a global market leader in integrated logistics, led by innovative Executive Chairman Mr Shashi Kiran Shetty and operated by seasoned professionals, with benchmarked quality standards, streamlined procedures, operational excellence, and world-class facilities.

12. Tripath Logistics

Tripath Logistics is a rapidly growing logistical solutions provider that specialises in delivering comprehensive, accessible, and customer-focused solutions customised to the needs of its customers. They cover a wide range of logistical solutions, such as air/ocean freight logistics, warehousing, ground transportation, and on-site and off-site support.

“Our company was founded on the principles of performance and accountability. Since our company’s inception, we’ve worked hard to adjust to constantly evolving market scenarios, manage any unforeseen obstacles, use our experience and expertise to enforce quality improvement, maximise customer loyalty, and create trust, all of which has helped us become the most popular partners for logistics and cargo services.”

13. Connect India

Connect India is a movement that was born out of the need to level the playing field in logistics by reaching out to the unreached. Connect India’s vision is to build a pan-India last-mile distribution network covering 25000 pin codes by leveraging existing economic assets such as brick-and-mortar retailers and the digital India platform through a strong mobile-first strategy. In the next three years, Connect India hopes to name 50,000 last-mile delivery entrepreneurs as Connect India Centers (CICs), who will hire 200,000+ delivery associates from their communities.

14. FM Logistics

FM Logistic India is a subsidiary of FM Logistic, which is based in France. FM Logistic India is one of India’s leading contract logistics service providers, with 90+ warehouses in 30+ locations and a total warehousing capacity of 4.50 million square feet. FM Logistic India offers Warehousing & Distribution services for the FMCG, Retail, Automotive, Consumer Durables, E-commerce, Engineering, Telecom, Pharma, and other industries, with a revenue of over 1650 million INR (projected in 18-19) making them a prominent player among warehouse companies.

“Our 4,000+ Indian employees provide a variety of tailored contract logistics solutions, including warehousing and distribution, carrier management, intra-city deliveries, and value-added services.
FM India has a large client base, which includes a number of blue-chip Indian and multinational companies. Several Supply Chain Management awards have been given to the company, demonstrating its commitment to quality and customer service. Its goal is to be known as the most dependable and sensitive logistics service provider in the Industry.”

15. DGS Translogistics

DGS Translogistics India Pvt. Ltd. is a very reputed 3PL company, offering customised value-added end-to-end Supply Chain, Logistics and Warehousing services to a wide cross-section of the Industry since 1992.

“We have expertise in offering innovative and cost-effective Logistics solutions, leading to a paradigm shift in the implementation of Supply Chain and Logistics functions of the Industry. Our Corporate ethos is the effective utilisation of People, Process and Technology, thereby creating a synergy with the ultimate objective of ensuring highly efficient and cost-effective Logistics services to our esteemed clients.”

16. VRL Logistics

VRL has set the standard for delivering a secure and dependable parcel distribution network over the years. To meet the rising demands of its burgeoning customer base, it has expanded its operations to include Courier Service, Priority Cargo, and Air Chartering. VRL’s 3PL and warehousing solutions are custom-made to meet the specific needs of its diverse customer base. VRL parcel service is important for a significant number of corporate houses because it has India’s largest goods transportation network. This network runs the length and breadth of the world, with transhipment hubs strategically placed.

17. Sampark India Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Sampark India Logistics is a leading independent services provider with a 7-year history of operations focused on the latest logistics scenario, developing the interplay of infrastructure, technology, skilled manpower, and transportation facilities. The company’s framework is based on a corporate culture of quality improvement, strategic planning, and a dedication to customer service, which includes “delivering the best product in the right place and at the right time.” The organisation is stepping up its efforts to break into the new target market, with the aim of diversifying its revenue sources while maintaining higher standards of excellence at all levels.

18. Mahindra Logistics

Mahindra Logistics Limited (MLL) is a portfolio firm of Mahindra Partners, the USD 1 billion corporate finance arm of the Mahindra Group, which has a market capitalisation of USD 20.7 billion. MLL provides businesses from a wide range of sectors with integrated third-party supply chain and people transportation solutions.

“We specialise in incorporating the right technologies, procedures, people, and best practices into supply chain solutions for businesses. We design integrated solutions that maximise service levels while keeping logistical costs to a minimum. People Transport Solutions is a specialist line of business that provides personalised services to companies for the transfer of workers from their homes to their places of work and back. MLL is among the few logistics providers that also offer this service.”

19. Kotak Logistics

Set in the heart of India’s heritage and home to the country’s oldest heritage port, Gujarat, Kotak Logistics has been steadfastly serving its clients for years. They are a top warehouse company in India that is rapidly growing and professionally run. Kotak, a logistics company, has demonstrated experience in advanced logistics operations at India’s major ports.

20. H&S Supply Chain Services

H&S is the country’s only supply chain service provider with 3.5 PL facilities and versatile warehouse spacing. H&S, which is headquartered in India and has development centres in the European Union, was established on a dream: to revolutionise India’s logistics and supply chain industry. H&S is on a mission to dramatically simplify the $200 billion Industry’s decades-old processes, fueled by enthusiasm and experience.

Your End-to-End Supply Chain Partner

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