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What is Logistics Brew ?

The Logistics Brew was created to educate and collaborate on critical supply chain issues and logistics practices. We provide you with latest trends and news from logistic world. A helpful Supply Chain & Logistics Blog with tips and insights from Industry leading Professionals. Keep in touch with us and know how to improve your supply chain. We provide you various solution for your supply chain.

Why write for us?

  • Help Education: A large number of our readers are related to logistics and supply chain looking for information, from all over the world. By sharing your stories, lessons learned and general business perspectives, you can act as a mentor to others.
  • Reach an audience: No other platform can give you as many potential readers as we do. Content published on our blog is shared with our community members (which is growing every day) and promoted across the Logistics Brew social feeds, which include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. 
  • Get Recognition: By writing post, you can get recognized by Industry leading Professionals and you can also provide tips and insight for others. We will ensure your articles are optimized to attract as many readers as possible.

  • Get Rewarded: We value your contributions and we know they deserve a reward. For every 100 hearts earned by your contributions, we send you exciting rewards and gifts. 

Who can submit?

Anybody with knowledge of logistics and supply chain can submit content. Our editors review all submissions for quality of writing, coherence, and accuracy. We are selective when determining who to accept as a contributor. 

All content on this site is created by volunteers. By submitting you agree to our terms and conditions.

How you can contribute?

You can submit your post directly on the website, after you register yourself with us. To register yourself click on the below button. You can also email us at [email protected] for any other query.

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