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supply chain management

Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Supply Chain Management (SCM) integrates supply and demand management, both within and beyond the organisation, across all the channels and members in the supply chain. In today’s dynamic and globalised market, it is a pivotal differentiator that determines the success of a business. Read on to understand the various nuances of SCM.

Supply Chain

Role Of Warehouses In Supply Chain

Warehouses are an integral part of the supply chain industry. The warehousing and storage industry has grown to a value of 428 billion US dollars in 2020. Here’s how warehouses are taking up different roles in the logistics industry.

third party logistics

Third-Party Logistics (3PL)

Third-Party Logistics (3PL) comes into play when the traditional business model of in-house handling of operations falls short. Inadequate fulfilment can be detrimental and result in loss of money and customers, whereas outstanding fulfilment can lead to increased productivity and loyal customers. Careful examination of various types of 3PL providers and selecting the most suitable one can do wonders for the growth of a business.

goals of supply chain management
Supply Chain

6 Goals Of Supply Chain Management

Before an organisation can manage its supply chain effectively, it must first understand its precise purpose and objectives. A substantial amount of effort is required to establish and maintain a supply chain network. This entails a lengthy action list requiring expertise, time, and resources. Establishing strategies, forming partnerships, deploying technology, and investing in capacity are critical things to fulfil various goals of supply chain management. Understand the various supply chain management goals that a business must take into consideration.

warehouse management system
Supply Chain

Warehouse Management System

Efficient warehousing is a key factor in determining the success of a business and ensuring that its operations run seamlessly. Warehouse Management System lends a hand in tackling the hassles of modern warehousing with its several types and distinct benefits.

supply chain principles
Supply Chain

8 Principles of Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is the process of planning and coordinating all of the people, resources, and technology that contribute to a company’s value creation. Consider the following 8 principles as a starting point for your learning in supply chain management.

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