List Of Top 10 Logistics Companies In Delhi [2024]

Logistics Companies In Delhi

The surge in the e-commerce and commercial landscape in Delhi has significantly increased the need for reliable logistics services. Success in logistics hinges on timely shipment transportation, efficient inventory management, and cost optimization. Businesses stand to boost revenue and customer satisfaction by partnering with adept logistics providers. 

The following are top-tier logistics companies in Delhi that serve as exceptional transportation collaborators for hyperlocal and e-commerce deliveries.

1. Ecom Express

Ecom Express, founded in 2012, is a market leader in providing comprehensive e-commerce logistics services to the world’s largest online retailers. By employing cutting-edge technology, Ecom Express guarantees seamless operations throughout India, including first-mile collection, order processing, network optimization, and last-mile delivery. It is highly regarded for its dependability, particularly among e-commerce firms that handle high-value items such as jewelry. The company provides enhanced security and surveillance services. Furthermore, it ensures quick order fulfillment, and return processing, and conducts doorstep quality checks on returned items as part of its reverse logistics services.

2. Mahindra Logistics

An industry titan for over a decade in the field of logistics, Mahindra Logistics offers a robust and integrated approach to supply chain solutions. They offer an extensive range of services that extend beyond fundamental transportation. These services include warehousing, in-factory logistics, and value-added provisions. Mahindra Logistics effectively utilizes technology to streamline operations and ensure continuous visibility in real-time across the entire supply chain. Their steadfast dedication to prioritizing customer satisfaction cultivates a cooperative alliance that drives achievements in the realm of business.

3. Holisol Logistics Pvt. Ltd.

Established in Delhi by Rahul S. Dogar, Naveen Rawat, and Manish Ahuja, Holisol Logistics maintains a global presence and operational offices throughout India. Specializing in innovative logistics solutions, they provide clients with cutting-edge services that are precisely tailored to their requirements. Their offerings comprise returnable packaging solutions for the automotive, agriculture, and industrial engineering sectors, along with multi-channel fulfillment for B2B and B2C retail, integrated packaging, and logistics. Holisol is one of the best logistics companies in Delhi for organizations seeking dependability and flexibility due to its emphasis on technological advancements and innovative approaches.

4. AWL India Pvt. Ltd.

An enterprise established in 1993 by Rahul Mehra, AWL India has evolved as an emerging logistics provider offering customized, cost-effective solutions for supply chain management. The company provides an extensive array of solutions, such as freight forwarding, customs clearance, and project cargo management. It is a prominent entity based in Delhi that specializes in providing uninterrupted logistics services specifically designed to cater to the distinct requirements of various sectors, including automotive, healthcare, and retail. AWL India maintains a specialized team responsible for carrying out transportation, last-mile logistics, warehousing, and distribution management, among other tasks.

5. Ocean Pride Logistics India

Ocean Pride Logistics India Pvt. Limited, caters to retailers and businesses of all sizes, positioning itself as a pre-eminent player in the logistics industry in Delhi. Ocean Pride primarily specializes in the transportation of freight cargo, ship brokerage, and transport services. They implement streamlined processes for parcel pickup, shipment, customs certification, and last-mile delivery. With an unwavering commitment to efficiency and cost-effectiveness, they guarantee seamless operations for worldwide cargo transportation by preparing accurate documentation for customs clearance, cargo insurance, and inland transport.

6. Glaucus Supply Chain

Glaucus, which was founded in 2015, serves as a model of excellence in the field of logistics by offering comprehensive solutions that include operations management, national and international transportation, and value-added services such as refurbishment, kitting, and repackaging, among others. Their group possesses vast expertise in warehouse design, technology product development, supply chain solutions, and advisory roles. Small to medium-sized businesses that specialize in retail, wholesale, and trading are their preferred business partners. Glaucus enables businesses to effortlessly navigate the intricacies of contemporary supply chains through the utilization of cutting-edge technology and a customer-centric methodology.

7. Allcargo Logistics

Allcargo Logistics is a well-known company in the logistics sector in Delhi, providing services such as international shipping, express delivery, project cargo management, multimodal transportation, and contract logistics in global logistics. Allcargo Logistics provides industries including automotive and FMCG with expedited shipping and delivery assistance. Their extensive global network, cutting-edge digital tools, and commitment to innovation make them a formidable force in logistics. With a focus on social responsibility and employee welfare, they offer extensive international connections and a steadfast commitment to environmental sustainability.

8. OmTrans Logistics Ltd.

OmTrans Logistics, a company well-known for its logistics services in Delhi, is setting exceptional standards for innovation, service excellence, and production. With over 21 years of collective experience in the logistics sector, Om Trans Logistics emerged as the most reputable and reliable company in the field of competitive logistics solutions that prioritize cost-efficiency without compromising service quality for clients. They have a notable track record in the shipping industry and are adept at identifying optimal logistics solutions within specified timeframes while offering competitive shipping rates.

9. Varuna Group

Founded in 1996, Varuna Group is the premier logistics company that specializes in providing customized logistics solutions for the retail and e-commerce industries in Delhi. It leverages advanced routing algorithms and real-time tracking technology to optimize transportation routes for timely deliveries. They prioritize customer-centricity and operational excellence, reducing landed product costs. Their services include last-mile delivery, fulfillment, and inventory management. Their strategic partnership with organizations that prioritize supply chain efficiency and expansion is predicated on their emphasis on shared logistics networks for resource optimization and cost-effective solution delivery.

10. Professional Logistics

Professional Logistics, established in 1998 by Rajkumar Poonia is one of the leading logistics companies in Delhi providing e-commerce solutions. It provides advantages to clients in the areas of customs clearance, warehousing, packaging and moving, and freight forwarding. Their dedication to delivering outstanding logistics solutions to clients at competitive rates solidifies their position as one of the top logistics companies in Delhi. They specialize in the secure and smooth transportation and dispatch of cargo, operating in both foreign and domestic markets as a multinational and domestic corporation.

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