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top ecommerce challenges

Top 10 Ecommerce Challenges For Your Business

There are many challenges surfacing for the e-commerce Industry as it continues to grow exponentially. From meeting consumer demands to delivery this blog will outline all the major challenges that the e-commerce industry is facing today.

E-commerce vs Retail

E-commerce Vs Retail: Which Is Better For Shopping?

E-commerce and retail are two of the major shopping channels that consumers prefer today. Although both serve the same purpose there are differences that make customers prefer one over the other. In this blog, we’ll discuss the major differences between e-commerce and retail and which one is preferred by businesses and consumers.

Top Last-Mile Delivery Challenges

7 Major Challenges Of Last-mile Delivery

There are many disruptions in the last-mile delivery industry. From changing trends to increasing consumer expectations this blog outlines 8 such challenges that the last-mile delivery industry is facing today.

First-Mile Delivery Vs Last-Mile Delivery

First-Mile Delivery vs Last-Mile Delivery

First-mile and last-mile delivery are the most important processes in order fulfilment but they operate differently. This blog outlines the diffrences between first-mile and last-mile delivery

Reduce Last Mile Delivery Costs

8 Proven Ways to Reduce Last-Mile Delivery Cost

The last-mile delivery industry accounts for the majority of the supply chain costs. This blog outlines most important methods that can be implemented to reduce the costs in the industry.

shipping label guide

What Is A Shipping Label?

Shipping labels are the most important aspect in the transportation process since a wrong shipping label or if one is missing, it can lead to packages not being delivered, have a very late delivery, which affects the business operations and customer satisfaction. In this blog, we’ll discuss shipping labels and its importance in business operations.

last mile delivery

What is Last Mile Delivery?

In the era of e-commerce, the culture of rapid gratification requires prompt delivery, and this is where last-mile delivery has become a focal point for companies. Last-mile delivery can be a key determinant of the cost & time aspect of the shipping process, in addition to being essential for customer satisfaction. With the help of this blog, it will be easier to understand the meaning and key steps involved in the Last Mile delivery process, along with some of the major challenges it faces.

business ideas for indian students

Top 12 Business Ideas For Students In India

The optimum time to start a business is as a young student due to the availability of free time, access to a vast pool of human capital, and sprawling ideas.
In India, there are a variety of lucrative and low-investment business opportunities for students, which could help them practice their area of interest while simultaneously capitalizing on it.
There are extensive business ideas for students to consider; a few of the most successful and established business ideas for students with no investment are outlined in this blog.

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