6 Key Benefits Of Printing Shipping Labels

Benefits of Shipping Label

Over time, shipping labels have evolved into much more than a simple identification tool. Today, shipping labels are equipped with advanced tech that can provide details about the seller, customer, product and movement of the packages. With a proper shipping label, packages can be delivered efficiently, resulting in satisfied customers. A shipping label not only expedites the delivery of packages but also reduces costs, enhances visibility, and benefits the brand’s reputation.

1. Cost Reduction

One of the significant benefits of a shipping label is it helps in reducing the costs of the shipping process. The packaging process can be streamlined by mass-producing shipping labels and applying them swiftly to packages, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs. Shipping labels also eliminate the need for manual labelling methods, thereby reducing errors and labour expenses.

2. Real-Time Tracking

Shipping labels have substantially improved order visibility and tracking for consumers. With the aid of barcodes that are included on the shipping label, customers can track their packages in real-time at every stage of the delivery process. Real-time tracking is not only useful for consumers but also for businesses since it expedites the process of identifying the proper products during pick-and-scan operations. Employees who are responsible for retrieving products for shipping or for transporting within the warehouse can do their duties more efficiently with the assistance of shipping labels. Real-time tracking speeds up retrieval time which results in increased productivity and faster service.

3. Accurate Information

A shipping label is generated automatically for your order without any manual intervention, making it highly accurate and less prone to error. The digital nature of a shipping label reduces the likelihood of being tampered during the fulfilment process. The barcode on the shipping label contains precise information about the product, seller and customer, ensuring data authenticity and saving time.

4. Shorter Delivery Time

Businesses use a shipping label to sort, count and manage the products before they are sent out for transportation. A shipping label helps businesses to prioritise products based on the customer’s delivery preferences. Using shipping labels, companies are able to locate products within warehouses, which expedites the delivery process. These factors contribute to an error-free and efficient delivery procedure, thereby reducing the time it takes for a package to reach a customer’s doorstep.

5. Improves Customer Retention

A high-quality shipping label with all the necessary information, excellent visibility, and tracking data enhances the consumer’s perception of your brand. You can improve the reputation of your brand by employing materials that are both durable and resistant to environmental factors. Attention to minor details, such as your shipping labels, will demonstrate your business’s professionalism and dedication to providing the best customer experience, thereby enhancing customer retention.

6. Customisation

Shipping labels are highly customisable, allowing businesses to quickly update information based on consumer and product details. There are numerous templates for shipping labels that can be modified to suit the needs of the business. Companies can either choose to print their own shipping labels or outsource the printing task, allowing them to focus on core aspects of their business. Customisation is not limited to printing alone but also includes the selection of materials for the shipping label, enabling businesses to produce high-quality shipping labels.


A variety of shipping software is available to assist you in generating and printing business-appropriate shipping labels with the click of a button. Your online business’s success is directly related to the quality of the shipping labels you use. Shipping labels define the quality of the packaging and reassure customers that your company is committed to providing the highest service possible to each and every one of them.

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