Advantages of renting a warehouse in Delhi NCR


Over the last ten years, commercial and residential development has boomed across the NH-8 stretch in Delhi. This led to warehousing activities shifting towards the inner roads of the Delhi-Haryana border. The warehouses on these locations are built just off the national highway but remain well connected to it. Sites such as the Gurgaon-Pataudi Road, Jamalpur-Panchgaon road, Bilaspur-Taururoad, etc., have witnessed a remarkable growth in warehousing over the past decade. Some advantages of renting a warehouse in a suitable Delhi NCR location include:

Affordable Rent

As one moves away from the national highway, the cost of rent for a warehouse also reduces. The locations within the NH-8 cluster and Ghaziabad cluster offer reasonable pricing per square foot. The customer would be getting a profound build quality, various facilities along standard construction and amenities. These locations also follow the market practice of asking for 4-5 months of rent as a security deposit. The market practice of lease tenure, however, varies from place to place. With warehouse rentals in the range of 14–20 per sq ft per month, Ghaziabad fares well. Moreover, the ample amount of land availability suggests that these areas would remain affordable for quite some time.

Incredible Connectivity

The most significant advantage to these warehouses is their proximity to heavily populated areas within the NCR. They are highly accessible and make a fantastic location for B2C companies. This enables the companies to serve the consumer base of NCR from their warehouse. Additionally, the concentration of auto companies in the area increases the need for warehouses in close vicinity to their plants. This is primarily to service these auto plants in a minimum period, as most of them follow the ‘just-in-time’ inventory system.

Taking the example of the Dadri node of the Ghaziabad cluster: it is on the Eastern Dedicated Freight Corridor alignment. Hence, it will lead to heightened cargo movement in the Eastern Part of the country and increase the demand for warehouses in the Ghaziabad area. 

Another advantage is the ease of access to the fundamental retail markets in NCR – Gurgaon, and Delhi. Gurgaon and Delhi together account for more than 86% of the total retail expenditure in NCR. Hence, it is advantageous for retailers to have warehouses located as close to their target market as possible. Moreover, with the development of E-tail, the delivery time from warehouses to the customers has shrunk to under three hours. The city center of Delhi and Gurgaon are no further than 30-90 minutes. This aspect gives the location a prime advantage. 

Availability of workforce

Being a very densely populated area, NCR is home to a vast urban workforce. The presence of residential catchments for all income groups also ensures an abundant supply for skilled, unskilled, and semi-skilled workers. The availability of workers within close distance allows easy upkeep of the warehouse and the overall functionality. As the warehousing industry keeps multiplying, more people are drawn towards it for employment prospects. 

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Excellent amenities in Noida warehouses

The city of Noida is famous for its explicit infrastructure developments. This can be seen in the warehouses of the region. The warehouses are fitted with fire protection and burglar-proof systems. Some of them are even large enough for battery-operated vehicles inside the premises. This location tends to attract multinational firms as they seek out a healthy and clean atmosphere. Large e-commerce companies precisely occupy warehouses located in the prime of Noida. The modernized warehouses of the region have proved to be a good investment and provide significant returns.

Varied infrastructure as per requirement

The warehouses within NCR are of several different types. Climate-controlled warehouses, automated warehouses, and retail distribution warehouses being some of them. Hence, they cover all domains required for customer satisfaction. Nearly 9% of the entire private investment in real estate since 2017 has been plowed in this sector. These investments keep on growing, allowing builders to fulfill infrastructure requirements constantly. The warehouses of Ghaziabad cluster are located on good-quality roads. They also have a host of old residential developments along the highway.

According to several reports, the demand from the e-commerce sector is expected to rise for mid-sized facilities along the NH-48 belt. As a result, the warehousing sector will also experience an upward swing. In 2020, the industry experienced a slowdown in both manufacturing and consumption. However, it picked up the pace again, quite early. And the demand for warehouses in NCR once more started to increase rapidly.  

The highly equipped warehouses of the Delhi NCR region continue to add to the progress of the Logistics sector. Due to its advantageous location and development feasibility, it proves to be a favorable environment for any corporation. Global investors and firms can be seen actively participating in the accelerating opportunities brought by the sector. The renewed focus on the infrastructure and manufacturing sector also offers a lot of value to customers and investors alike. The warehouses of Delhi-NCR thus provide a competitive advantage over the other locations. 

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